Core IT Recommendations for Calendar Use:

During this phase your calendar in Exchange is still your “source of truth.”  There is no sync utility running between your Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar, so changes in Google will not be reflected in Outlook, and vice versa.  If you - or the people you work with - rely heavily on free/busy, you should use Google Calendar in Core IT primarily for testing purposes.

If you are interested in proofing the final end-state and “living in Google,” you should recognize the risk of becoming disconnected from the rest of the organization.

NOTE: If you are a heavy calendar user or others in the organization need to see your free/busy information you are not be a good candidate for CoreIT.

How do I manage working in this state?

When I receive a calendar invitation in Gmail, I should accept it in … both systems if you want to keep your free/busy updated in Exchange while living in Google Calendar.

During CoreIT I should use Google Calendar to:

  • Schedule new meetings with the CoreIT team (to keep your free/busy updated in Exchange, you need to add these in Outlook as well)

  • Get familiar with the tools

  • Check free/busy with Appirio team

  • Find the link to Project team meetings that have a Hangouts link

During CoreIT I should use Outlook Calendar to:

  • Reference old meetings

  • Check free/busy for your co-workers

  • Reserve rooms/resources

  • Accept meetings from Legacy (Outlook) users

When will this state be resolved?

At Early Adopters, your Exchange calendar information will be migrated to Google and all Early Adopters will be living in Google Calendar.  It will, however, still be a coexistence situation where you will need to book resources and check free/busy in Exchange.  

Go-Live on 12/9 will end the coexistence and Google Calendar will be the “source of truth” for all employees in all agencies.  

NOTE: If you are a heavy calendar user or other in the organization must to see your up to date free/busy information you may not be a good candidate for Early Adopters. In order to keep in sync you should manually manage both calendars together to ensure there is not discrepancies between the two.

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