Top 10 FAQ's
These are the top 10 questions that have been asked through the Google Apps deployment.
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How do I login to my Google Apps account?

  • We suggest that you use the Google Chrome web browser to get the full capabilities of Google Apps
  • You will need to go to
  • Enter your new Primary email address and password that you changed within the past 2 months. 
    • If you haven't changed your password within the last 2 months:
      • City, Police & Fire: Press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" and change your password while on the city's network.
      • Boston Public Schools: Change your password through the HUB

What resources are available to help me transition to Google Apps?

Did ALL of my information from Outlook get moved to Google Apps?

  • No. There is some data that we will not be migrating. Here's a breakdown on what is and what isn't migrating to Google Apps. 
    • Yes (what is migrating)
      • Mail currently on the Exchange server.
      • Calendar events for the past 6 months though the next 12 months (June 2013 - December 2014)
      • Contacts that the Exchange server can see.
      • Archives (Enterprise Vault for City/Police, and personal archives for BPS) will be moved after go-live.
    • No (what is not migrating)
      • Messages with attachments larger than 25MB.
      • Messages with application files as attachments (usually .exe or .windat files)
      • Notes
      • Tasks
      • Signatures
      • Rules
      • Attachments in calendar events
  • We have not migrated mail from the Enterprise Vault1 or local PST2 files. There is a plan to have this data migrated to Google in January and you will see communications from the project team in the future about this.
  • If you have any information that you need to access that was not migrated, you are still able to open your legacy mail program (Outlook, Entourage) and see that data. You will no longer be able to send or receive mail in these programs.  Use Gmail to send and receive. 
    1City employees
    2Boston Public Schools employees

What happens to my Shared Mailbox?

  • As a part of the migration, the City will shift the usage of Exchange Shared Mailboxes to Google's collaborative tools such as Google Groups, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Sites. Here you can share information in collaborative and engaging ways. To facilitate the transition from Shared Mailboxes, we are asking users to fill out the following short survey (or call the help desk) concerning your Exchange Shared Mailbox.  This survey will give the project team the information they need to complete the transition to Google Apps for your Shared Mailbox.  

    For the next few days, you will be able to continue to launch Outlook to view the historical Shared Mailbox data.  Please contact the Help Desk asap if this mailbox is missing any new incoming mail.  

My folders did not migrate correctly

  • If you had folders nested unter your inbox in Outlook, they will not migrate normally. This document will explain how to fix your label structure in GMail. 

How do I setup my mobile device?

  • There are detailed instructions on how to set up your Android, iOS and windows phone under the Get Started tab of the Going Google site. If you are receiving errors while setting up your device, try restarting your device or switching onto/off of a wifi network.

How do I import my bookmarks into Google Chrome?

  • Google Chrome has a built in import tool for the most popular browsers. 
    • Click the Chrome menu .
    • Select Bookmarks.
    • Select Import bookmarks and settings.
    • Select the program that contains the bookmarks you'd like to import.
    • Click Import.
  • If you haven't yet created any bookmarks in Chrome, the bookmarks you import will show up directly on the bookmarks bar, normally docked underneath the address bar. If you already have bookmarks within Chrome, the bookmarks you import will appear in a new folder called "Imported from Firefox" or "Imported from IE," located at the end of the bar. You can also find your bookmarks by clicking the Chrome menu and selecting Bookmarks.