Folder Clean Up Message

This message is only for Global Go-Live...this does not affect Early Adopters as their migrations are complete.


Cleaning Up Your Folders


·         Folders under your Inbox do not migrate well into Google

·         Your folders should be at the same level as your Inbox (see images below)

·         If folders are left under the Inbox and you find they did not migrate, you will have to move the folders and we will have to remigrate your account.


What you need to do


If you have folders under your Inbox folder move them to the same level as the Inbox by dragging them to your Email Address.


How Much Time do I Have?


You will need to make these changes by Wednesday November 27th by 5pm.

Folders under Inbox -- NOT  GOOD

Folders at same level as Inbox -- GOOD


If You Have Questions

You can always ask a Google Guide. We also have an online forum where you can ask questions about Boston’s move to Google Apps. 


Thank you.