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Welcome to Google Apps!

posted Dec 10, 2013, 6:48 AM by rellis.su@boston.gov

The Google Project Team would like to welcome you to your new Google Apps account!


Go to https://mail.google.com to access you new Google account.

What You Need To Do

To start using Google Apps, go through the First Days Checklist. This 13 step guide will walk you through how to log-in and how to set up your mobile device. Android users, you will need to be sure to download the Google Device Policy from the Google Play store in order to fully set up your phone.

Support Resources

Visit http://go.boston.gov/google to find downloadable resources, training videos, FAQ page and much more.


We also have a Google Apps Forum where you can ask and even help answer questions about Google Apps.

Going Google This Weekend!

posted Dec 6, 2013, 11:39 AM by Unknown user

We wanted to remind you that you are transitioning to Google Apps for email and calendar this weekend.  


Mail will start to be routed to your new Google Apps account and you will be able to open your Google Apps account Friday, December 6th after 6:00pm.

How Will I Log-In?

If you have not changed your password in the last 15 days, you must change your password before the end of the day Friday if you wish to access your google account over the weekend. To change your password: from your computer press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and select “Change Password”, enter your current password and then your new password in the appropriate fields.


All you will need to do is open Google Chrome and go to http://mail.google.com. Enter in your new primary email address and your computer/network password then you’re in!


Follow the instructions on the Mobile setup page to configure your mobile device.

Important note for Android users: You will have to install the Google Device Policy from the Google Play store. If you have already set up your device prior to the change Friday night, after the change is in place you will receive an error until you download the Google Device Policy. This does not apply to iOS or windows device users.

What will be migrated?

The Going Google site outlines what will and will not be migrated both here under Step 5 of the Getting Started Page, and here on the FAQs page.

What To Do On Day 1

When you come into the office on Monday, go to http://go.boston.gov/day1 and follow the check list to get started on Google Apps quickly. You should be able to get everything set up within an hour.

My Email Address is Changing?

Yes, your primary email address will be changing through this change. You will receive your new Username and primary email address Friday evening. The current email address you have today will still work and deliver mail to your GMail account.

Training...If You Haven’t Yet

There is still room in our training sessions. Go to the Going Google User Adoption Site. You will see registration options for In-Person courses. There is also a selection of on-demand videos available so that you can take a training course on your schedule.


The User Adoption Site is the best place to go when looking for information about Google Apps in Boston. You will be able to find everything from Quick Reference Guides to Training Videos and even a Frequently Asked Questions page. Click on the Getting Started page to find a list of the top tasks you will need to set up on day one.

If you still have questions on how to do something in Google Apps, we have set up a Google Apps Forum where you can ask questions and even help answer questions your colleagues have asked.

If you feel that you are facing technical issues, you will still be able to call the service desk. Phone numbers are listed on the homepage of the Going Google site if you don’t know your agencies support number. Please use the support desk if you are having technical problems and use the Google Apps Forum for functionality questions.

Enjoy Your Weekend

We will be working hard this weekend getting your Google Apps account ready for you. On Monday morning, when you come into the office, you will be live and ready on Google Apps. Don’t forget to run through the First Day’s Checklist to get set up quickly.

Google Training Still Available

posted Dec 4, 2013, 2:40 PM by rellis.su@boston.gov

There are still classes available...

Sign Up for Training Today!

To help you get ready for your move to Google Apps this coming Monday, December 9th, we've arranged the following in-person and online training sessions for you. Please look through the training schedule and sign up for a course here so you don’t miss out on this learning opportunity.  


If You are Unable to Attend

For your convenience, we'll also record the training sessions and publish them on the Boston Going Google site under the training tab.


If You Have Questions

You can always ask a Google Guide. We also have an online forum where you can ask questions about Boston’s move to Google Apps. You can find it all here, at http://go.boston.gov/google

Early Adopters Going Live!

posted Nov 11, 2013, 3:55 PM by rellis.su@boston.gov

Tuesday Nov. 12th marks the first day that the Early Adopters are live on Google Apps. This is a big step towards the Global Go-Live on December 9th.

We wanted to provide some notes to the Early Adopters for this week. 
  1. There are still training opportunities available this week. Click here for the Training Page and find one that works with your schedule. 
  2. The Google Forum on the Going Google site is also a great place to ask questions about Google Apps. 
  3. Use online resources while you use Google Apps. These are a great tool to use on your first day of using Google Apps.
We hope you have fun using Google Apps today!

Roadshows, Trainings and Early Adopters

posted Oct 8, 2013, 11:59 AM by rellis.su@boston.gov

    The Google Roadshows are now underway. This is a great place to go and see Google Apps in action. Today we had our first Roadshow at 1010 Mass Ave. with a little over 100 people attending. We had 10 Chromebooks set up with Google accounts for city employees to mess with and discover how GMail, GCal, Drive and more would be able to help them. To find the next roadshow near you, head over to the roadshow page. 

    We now have 2 training videos on the main training page. The Working with GMail and GCal video is a 1 hour 10 minute video that goes through the fundamentals of the main Google Apps. We also posted a 30 minute Apps for Admins course to learn more about Mail Delegation and Calendar Sharing. This is also a great course for Power Users to take as it also covers some information on how to manage your contacts. There are more resources being added under the Resources tab. Take a look as we add quick reference guides, presentations and more to this area. 

    We are in the final steps to identify the early adopters that will be moving to Google Apps on October 12. These users will be Google Guides, who will be using GMail and GCal 4 weeks ahead of everyone else, that will be able to help everyone in their office transition to Google Apps. Keep an eye out for more comms to be sent about the project and when you will be migrating. 

Core-IT is Live!!!

posted Sep 16, 2013, 2:22 PM by rellis.su@boston.gov

September 16th marks the first day where 240 users across the city, police department and schools moved to Google Apps. But the work doesn't stop here. The Google Project Team is hard at work to start migrating data for the 19,000 users across all city departments.
One of the big questions asked during this time is how to change our passwords. We sent out an email with the following information.

To change your password: 
  1. Log into your Google Apps account with the temporary password that was sent to you on Friday.
  2. Click on your email address in the upper right hand corner and click on Account

  3. Navigate to Security on the left hand side of the page
    Inline image 1

  4. Click on "Change Password"
    Inline image 2
Remember that your password is not linked to HUB at this time. Please make your password at least:
  • 8 characters long (10 for police)
  • At least three (3) of the following four (4) character types:
    • Uppercase characters (A to Z)
    • Lowercase characters (a to z)
    • Numbers (0 to 9)
    • Symbols (!, $, #, %, ~, @, &, (,),\,/,?,-,_,=,+)

Working for September 16th

posted Aug 28, 2013, 9:46 AM by rellis.su@boston.gov

    The Google team is working hard to get ready for our Core IT deployment. In this phase we will be launching approximately 300 users onto Google Apps within the City of Boston, the Boston Police Department and Boston Public Schools. A majority of these users are members of the support call center, instructors that will be assisting end users and the Google project leadership. 
    If you are migrating to Google on the 16th of September, there will be training & resources available. You can find printable reference guides under the Resources tab and training videos under the Training tab. 
    Come back here for Tips & Tricks and general updated from the project team.

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