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Going Google This Weekend!

posted Dec 6, 2013, 11:39 AM by Unknown user

We wanted to remind you that you are transitioning to Google Apps for email and calendar this weekend.  


Mail will start to be routed to your new Google Apps account and you will be able to open your Google Apps account Friday, December 6th after 6:00pm.

How Will I Log-In?

If you have not changed your password in the last 15 days, you must change your password before the end of the day Friday if you wish to access your google account over the weekend. To change your password: from your computer press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and select “Change Password”, enter your current password and then your new password in the appropriate fields.


All you will need to do is open Google Chrome and go to http://mail.google.com. Enter in your new primary email address and your computer/network password then you’re in!


Follow the instructions on the Mobile setup page to configure your mobile device.

Important note for Android users: You will have to install the Google Device Policy from the Google Play store. If you have already set up your device prior to the change Friday night, after the change is in place you will receive an error until you download the Google Device Policy. This does not apply to iOS or windows device users.

What will be migrated?

The Going Google site outlines what will and will not be migrated both here under Step 5 of the Getting Started Page, and here on the FAQs page.

What To Do On Day 1

When you come into the office on Monday, go to http://go.boston.gov/day1 and follow the check list to get started on Google Apps quickly. You should be able to get everything set up within an hour.

My Email Address is Changing?

Yes, your primary email address will be changing through this change. You will receive your new Username and primary email address Friday evening. The current email address you have today will still work and deliver mail to your GMail account.

Training...If You Haven’t Yet

There is still room in our training sessions. Go to the Going Google User Adoption Site. You will see registration options for In-Person courses. There is also a selection of on-demand videos available so that you can take a training course on your schedule.


The User Adoption Site is the best place to go when looking for information about Google Apps in Boston. You will be able to find everything from Quick Reference Guides to Training Videos and even a Frequently Asked Questions page. Click on the Getting Started page to find a list of the top tasks you will need to set up on day one.

If you still have questions on how to do something in Google Apps, we have set up a Google Apps Forum where you can ask questions and even help answer questions your colleagues have asked.

If you feel that you are facing technical issues, you will still be able to call the service desk. Phone numbers are listed on the homepage of the Going Google site if you don’t know your agencies support number. Please use the support desk if you are having technical problems and use the Google Apps Forum for functionality questions.

Enjoy Your Weekend

We will be working hard this weekend getting your Google Apps account ready for you. On Monday morning, when you come into the office, you will be live and ready on Google Apps. Don’t forget to run through the First Day’s Checklist to get set up quickly.