Migrate Public Folder Calendars

1. Under Public Folders in Outlook, open the calendar that you want to export. 

2. Choose File -> Save As. You should save the list as an .ics file. Where you save it doesn’t matter - just pick someplace where you can easily find it. 

3. Open your Brown Gmail account and browse to your Calendar page. Under My Calendars on the left hand side, click “Create new calendar”. On the following screen, provide a name for the calendar and edit the calendar settings to share this calendar. Then give appropriate editing permissions to other users. Click the “Create Calendar” button at the bottom to finish creating the calendar.

4. The new calendar will show up under your other calendars. Click the Settings link under your calendars in the “My Calendars” section. 

5. Now click the Import Calendar link under “My Calendars”. You will see the dialogue box shown below. Click Browse to browse for the just created .ics file. Click Open. IMPORTANT: Choose the new calendar that you just created from the drop down box under Calendar as shown below. Click Import. 

6. Once you are notified that your calendar was successfully imported, click Close. Your public folder calendar will now have migrated into the new calendar that you created under “My Calendars.” You can view it and change the settings as you desire.