Welcome to Phase III of the Going Google Pilot

As we continue preparing for the district’s transition to the Google Apps for Education platform, our efforts to ensure a smooth change require scaffolded pilots. We are in Phase III of the pilot with Early Adopters.

Early Adopters are flexible, accustomed to change, and understand that not everything works perfectly. This group of people is a tester group to help us continue to improve the migration for the remaining district. 


After working closely with AAO, your Illuminate accounts have all been reset with your Google account. You should now be able to sign in and use Illuminate as you have previously. Again, we truly thank you for your patience in this process.

Early Adopter_Letter of Introduction

Why Am I an Early Adopter?

In the fall, you either volunteered or your school had been recommended to participate in the Google Early Adopter Phase III of the pilot. Every person who is considered an Early Adopter should complete the Early Adopter Form. The form also allows for people to indicate if they are interested in becoming a Google Guide or Google Trainer. Unless someone wants otherwise, everyone at a school site should mark that they are an Early Adopter.

Your Experience as an Early Adopter

Again, not everything is perfect in the system. Some known issues are simply the nature of the pilot and won’t be resolved until the district officially transitions to Gmail. Your patience is appreciated in these areas.

Current Early Adopter Information

SFUSD Early Adopter Information

Initial Communication

Temporary loss of external email: It is possible that you may temporarily lose the ability to send and receive emails from outside @sfusd.edu.

If this happens, please notify SFUSD Help Desk help@sfusd.edu to remedy the issue. This may occur randomly throughout the pilot because we are currently restricting external Gmail use for district employees until the official migration date.

Email lists: You will be unable to send to any SFUSD email groups from your Gmail account. You will need to send those emails from your OWA account until those groups can be migrated.

Calendars: You will need to maintain two completely separate calendars if you start using Google Calendars before the official migration date. There is no way to synchronize events from your Outlook calendar to Google Calendar or visa versa. Because the vast majority of users in the district are still using Outlook calendars for appointments and invitations, it is suggested you do not use Google Calendars until after the official district migration occurs.

Spam: Because email is being forwarded from an account with the same email address in Exchange to the same email address in Gmail, it is probable that some messages will be perceived as spam. This behavior will continue until after the official migration occurs and we no longer need to resort to dual delivery. Users will need to regularly check their spam folder to make sure the do not miss important messages before the go live date.

Mail Delay: Messages you send from your Gmail account to someone at SFUSD who is also using Gmail will encounter a slight delay. This is because these emails are not going directly to the recipient’s Gmail account but rather being forwarded from SFUSD’s Exchange servers. This extra step through our existing Exchange email system results in a delay. Email messages may take upward of a minute to reach another SFUSD user piloting Gmail.

When Does the Early Adopter Phase Start?

NOW! January 2016
  • Eliminating "t" from current Google account: January 20
  • Training: Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 4-6pm, Hoover MS
  • Repeat Training: Wednesday, January 27, 4-6pm, BVHM
  • Data Migration - 5pm January 29 - 11:59pm January 31 
  • Early Adopter GO LIVE - Monday, February 1
SFUSD Running Communications for Early Adopters

Running Communications: Early Adopters