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Get started with your SFUSD Google_2015_logo.png account



Get the Chrome Browser

Google Apps for Education is best experienced in the Google Chrome browser. Please note that some SFUSD District systems work better on other browsers. It's okay to have more than one browser open at once. If you do not see Google Chrome in your "Start" menu or on your desktop/dock, go to to download - AND here for your mobile device



Navigate to your new email

Access your SFUSD email at


Enter your username

Type your in the space where it says “Enter your email” and click the blue “Next” button.


Enter your password

Your password will always be the same password you use to check your paystub. If you change your network password, it will change your SFUSD Google Apps password. Learn more about changing your password at


Verify your mail has migrated

Ensure you have mail in your Inbox. You should see all your mail that was previously in your Outlook/Exchange Inbox. More specifically, it would be any mail on the Exchange server, including sent mail.  

TIP: If you do not see your mail or feel you are missing something, please contact the SFUSD Help Desk at Submit a ticket for help to migrate your PST files.


Verify your labels

Your folders in Microsoft Exchange will be converted into Labels in Google Apps. Verify your folders are now represented as labels.

NOTE: Folders in your local personal archive and any empty folders will not be migrated. And some sub-folders may need to be re-organized.



Access your SFUSD calendar from Gmail

Click the “waffle” icon at the top of your SFUSD Gmail to launch Google Calendar and access other Google applications. Configure your calendar settings by clicking the Gear icon at the top right corner of your calendar.

For additional help visit


Schedule an event

Test your new calendar by scheduling an event and inviting a colleague to the meeting.

Additional Training & Support

Synergyse provides on-demand, self-service virtual training on Google Apps. Check out the Synergyse Training menu in the top right corner any time you use Chrome to access your SFUSD Google Apps account! 


Chat with a colleague

Gmail comes with built in Chat capabilities. Initiate a chat with a colleague and let them know you've gone Google! 


Set up your Mobile Device If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile device, you can now easily get access to your email, calendar, contacts by following steps in the link below.

Complete your Training Now that you are all setup, be sure to complete your training if you haven't already done so. You can find a whole list of available trainings here or online videos here

Review "Going Google Transition Guide" This document provides a concise side-by-side comparison of how to conduct basic tasks in Gmail vs. how you did them in Outlook. 

The Going Google Transition Guide